The history of approximately 500 years of vineyard cultivation in the Dealu Mare area determines us to preserve the tradition of producing quality wines.

                    The Dealu Mare vineyard has its deep roots in the history of the place. By the 4th century, in this area, Atanaric, the Visigoth king, hid his treasure, known as "Golden Chickpea" or "The Treasure of Pietroasa". It is supposed that when this treasure was hidden by the Visigoths because of the fear of the Huns, vineyard culture occupied an important place in these lands. The existence of some localities with vineyards has been documented since the 15th century. Thus, the village of Bucov was owned by Stanciu (1492), and part of Calugareni village belonged to the Snagov monastery (1464). Most documents proving the existence of living in this area belong to voivode Radu Ştefan (1602-1611).

                    The Dealu Mare vineyard is located at the same latitude with the well-known wine regions of France - Bordeaux and Italy - Tuscany. This fact recommends it as one of the best vineyards in Romania. It is not by accident that Dealu Mare holds the highest density of winemaking centers in the country, leading to the centuries-old tradition of this region.

                    In 2007, Domeniile Dealu Mare Urlati restore the brilliance of the area, already in history since 1700. The investment in technology and replanting reached about 4 million Euros.

                    The 110 hectares of the company's patrimony, divided between Urlati and Ceptura, of which about 70% are replanted in 2007 and 2012, have the advantage of total exposure to the south, which ensures maximum sunstroke along the vegetation period. Situated at the same latitude with Bordeaux, the Dealu Mare grape-growing region offers the possibility of winning exceptional red and white wines. Cultivated varieties are: Fetească Albă, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Riesling, Fetească Neagră, Cabernet Sauvignon.

                    The passion and attention with which the wines have been created have long been appreciated by numerous domestic and international competitions.

                    The company's portfolio was built in the spirit of promoting premium wines. Thus, although there is a distinction between products addressed to the HoReCa industry and those for retail, place quality in the center of the wine making process. Among the wines exclusively addressed to the Horeca channel we mention: Incantation, Saac, Pelin Frizzante, Trei Pesti, Paganus. These are complemented by wines that appeal to both retail and Horeca such as: La Origine, Domeniile Urlati, Casa Domneasca or Romanian Wine.

                    A special product that links the tradition of these places with the present, and for which the company invested in promoting on the market is Pelin. Traditionally, Pelinul de Urlaţi is the most famous product of its kind in Romania. That's why making sure this tradition continues has always been an important part of the company's strategy.

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